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Meetups & Learn Togethers


We meetup every first Wednesday in a coffee house to contribute to open source, work on personal projects, and teach and learn from one another. Join us.



Happy New Year - Prosit 2020!

Note: When we meetup in a public coffee house if you attend you MUST buy a drink for yourself (e.g. a coffee, mineral water, cola, or something). Calculate about €3 or €4.

Topic Highlights

Sept/2019 - Boneh–Lynn–Shacham (BLS) Signatures - Better than Schnorr? - Pairing Crypto Step-by-Step Programming Tutorial (in Rust) by Jan Kaul

May/2019 - (Programming) Private Transactions with Mimblewimble (in Rust) by Jan Kaul

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Jan/2020 - Bitpanda CTO Christian Trummer is looking for Crypto Programmers! The office is just around the corner in Jakov-Lind-Straße 2, 1020 Wien (Leopoldstadt)


April/2020 - NONCON 2020 is a more community-oriented replacement for this year’s canceled yearly EDCON world Ethereum Development Conference that happens April 3-7, 2020 right here in Vienna, Austria (the last stops where in Sydney, Toronto and Paris in 2019, 2018 and 2017).

Jan/2020 - Work on the Bits & Blocks Press Bookshelf continues - Free Books about Bitcoins, Blockchains, Contract Scripts & More - All About the Digital Future of Unique Bits & Bytes; Started on adding Crypto is the Mother of All Scams and (Now Busted) Bubbles - While Blockchain Is The Most Over-Hyped Technology Ever, No Better than a Spreadsheet/Database by Nouriel Roubini

Jan/2020 - Celebrating 11 Years of Bitcoin Blockchain on January 3rd @ Bitcoin Austria Meetup No. 73. Free.

Oct/2019 - Developer Melange is a monthly podcast / talk recording in a Vienna coffee house. In episode 21 guest Gerald Bauer talks about “Programmable Money”.

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Blockchain Austria • Blockkette Österreich

Revolutionize Austria one Block at a Time. Land der Berge! Land der Blockchain!

What’s Blockchain Austria?

It’s an umbrella organization to learn about Blockchain! Blockchain! Blockchain! together with a focus on Code! Code! Code!

b0 = Block.first(
        { from: "Grossklockner", to: "Franz",  amount: 3798 } )

b1 = b0,
        { from: "Dachstein",     to: "Sissi",  amount: 2995 },
        { from: "Sissi",         to: "Maria",  amount: 11   },
        { from: "Franz",         to: "Ferdl",  amount: 7    },
        { from: "Maria",         to: "Eva",    amount: 3    } )

Blockchain Projects

Awewsome BlockchainsLearn about Blockchains by Building One

Tulips on the Blockchain @ Awesome Blockchains – Public Distributed (Hyper) Ledger Book - Learn by Example from the Real World (Anno 1637) - Buy! Sell! Hold! Enjoy the Beauty of Admiral of Admirals, Semper Augustus and More

Blockchain Lite Library (Ruby Edition), FREE

Blockchain Lite Library (JavaScript Edition), FREE

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Notes, Comments, Talks, Books, & More

Talk Notes - Blockchain! Blockchain! Blockchain! - Build Your Own Blockchains in JavaScript from Zero (Scratch) by Gerald Bauer

Talk Notes - Blockchain! Blockchain! Blockchain! - Build Your Own Blockchains in Ruby from Zero (Scratch) by Gerald Bauer

Talk Notes - Land der Berge! Land der Blockchain! Austria by Gerald Bauer

Book - Programming Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains (in Ruby) by Gerald Bauer, Yuki & Moto Press, FREE (Online Version)

More Blockchain Initiatives in Austria

Blockchain Austria (Centralized Government Edition)

Bitcoin Austria, (github)Bitcoin Austria Meetupwe are an austrian non-profit organization founded 2011 with the aim to promote Bitcoin in Austria. We organize regular meetups for everyone interested in Bitcoin.

RIAT (Research Institute for Arts and Technology) incl. Blockchain Academyinstitute for research, development, communication and education in the fields of crypto-economics, the blockchain, experimental artistic technology and open hardware.

Ethereum Vienna, Austria Meetup, (github)cryptocurrencies have the power to change how we conduct global commerce and govern our society on a profound level. Ethereum is a platform for trustless and decentralized applications. Potential examples are simple payments, registrar services, crowdfunding, implementing other currencies, prediction markets, fully decentralized exchanges or even decentralized autonomous organizations. We contribute to this movement by bringing together interested locals, enthusiasts and veterans for a meetup in Vienna, Austria.

Monero Vienna, Austria Meetupgroup for people interested in the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR). The meetup focuses on communicating news from the Monero project and introduces XMR to a wider audience of programmers and non-programmers alike. Topics are for various skill-sets. Meetups are also used to communicate the results of the Monero Workgroup at RIAT (Research Institute for Arts and Technology).

Dogecoin Vienna, Austria Meetupspreading the Doge in Austria, “Dogecoin Austria Meetup” is hosted by RIAT (Research Institute for Arts and Technology). A group about the cryptocurrency Dogecoin - to discuss and reflect about cryptocurrencies as distributed community experiments. Ideal members are people interested in Dogecoin, but can be also people who want to learn and discuss.

Blockchainers Vienna, Austria Meetupeveryone who is interested in blockchain technology is welcome: explainations, uses case, the future, technology behind. we strongly focus on technical aspects and NOT buzzword presentations.

Hyperledger Vienna, Austria Meetup, (github)hyperledger project is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration including leaders in finance, banking, internet of things (IoT), supply chain, manufacturing and technology.

Awesome Open Data Austria

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Timeline of the Blockchain Revolution in Austria

Year Highlight
2011 - Sept Bitcoin Austria Started
2012 - Dec 1st Bitcoin Meetup in Graz
2014 - March Ethereum Meetup Started
2014 - April Coinfinity Founded in Graz ++ 1st Bitcoin ATM in Austria (Graz)
2015 - Feb Bitcoins Available in 600 Trafiken via Bitcoinbon
2016 - April Dogecoin Austria Meetup Started
2016 - June Blockchainhub Graz Started
2017 - Jan House of Nakamoto Opens ++ 1st Bitcoin Store in Austria (Vienna)
2017 - April Monero Austria Meetup Started
2017 - April NEM (New Economy Movement) Vienna Meetup Started
2017 - July Bitcoins Available Nationwide at Post Offices
2017 - Oct Blockchain Austria (Hacker Ed.) Started

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Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) from Austria

Tokens, Tokens, Tokens

Hero (Play) Coins on the (Ethereum) Blockchain, (contract source scripts)Initial Coin Offer of up to 600 million Ethereum “Hero” tokens ++ Byte Heroes GmbH (Siebenbrunnengasse 17/7, 1050 Vienna, Austria) offers for exchange up to 600 million new Ethereum token named “Hero” (ticker “Play”) during a limited offer period starting 14 September 2017.

The ICO will have a hard cap at USD $14m. Heros are tokens on the Ethereum-blockchain intended for online betting and gaming that reward coin holders for playing across multiple online betting and gaming platforms.

(Source: Hero Whitepaper (.pdf))

Revolutionizing online betting - establishing a new level of trust, transparency and security, yet unknown in the world of online betting; 223,748+ users are already betting on their favourite esports games in the herosphere; issued: 57.237.500 Play tokens - unsold tokens will be burned.

In Preparation / Upcoming

Bitshilling - Shilling (or Schilling) on the BlockchainPublic Distributed (Hyper) Ledger Book - Rock-Solid Alpine Dollar from Austria

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